Our Story


Follow the company´s timeline.


I built my first camper.


After building three campers by myself, it was time to take my dream to the next level


I started the company – Xpedition Trucks AB20


I started to work with Scania Trucks and Nordic Husbilar tas my subcontractors.


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The story

From a very young age I’ve been interested in outdoor adventures such as hiking, camping, ski-touring, sled dogs. I have worked as a Heliski guide and with Catski. Done motorcycle off-road trips around Europe, snowmobile tours, sleeping in tents or in a bivac. As the owner of Kittelfjäll Skilodge in Lapland Sweden I’ve organized countless activities and arrangements in rough conditions, so I am quite familiar what you need to keep yourself warm, dry and safe.

Building Campers

After building three campers by myself, suited for my active lifestyle It was time to take my dream to the next level. I contacted Scania Trucks and Nordic Husbilar.The idea was to create a rough Expedition Truck that can take you and your family/ friends out on your next adventure and back again without compromising with reliability and comfort.

The choice to Work with Scania Trucks was simple, they probably make the best trucks available with retailers and service around the world (accept North America), if you run in to a malfunction, they even have a diagnostic onboard system that locate the problem and send information to the nearest Scania services so they can provide you with the parts and service that you need.

I chose to work Nordic Husbilar a well-known Swedish manufacturer of campers that have been around for more than 30 years. They build the box for the living area with everything inside and has a wide knowledge of building reliable campers with class leading insulation for winter use. Why is that so important? Well, there’s a simple answer to that. Isolation works both ways, warm in winter and cool in the summer.
The living area is truly a four-season box, with three heat sources, Propane, Diesel and Wood/ Pellets, 80mm insulation in the floor and moulded in floor-heating so you will stay warm in all types of weather conditions. The Dometic air conditioning will keep you cool in the summer. Simply off Grid!

The unique floor plan is a trademark for Xpedition trucks. You have plenty of space to move inside, something that is very different from most motorhomes and campers. When it comes to the water pipes, we have collected all the pipes on one side instead of what many other manufacturers do.

Previous vehicles I have built

Some of the catskis and vehicles that I have built

Work Process

These are the steps from you have decided that you want a xpedition truck until it is delevered.


You contact us and we start to talk about all the details about your own expedition truck


We have an ongoing communication with you regarding the deveoplement of the vehicle.


We start the production of your vehicle.


It is time to pick up your own Xpedition truck and start your adventures.

Do you have a company with products that you think would suit these type of off grid vehicles? Are you interested in a collaboration? Send an e-mail och give us a call!

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